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Food in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar being one of the most popular holiday destinations in Maharashtra offers a lot of food varieties to the people. There are a number of restaurants and hotels available in the city offering variety of cuisines. The tourists can also try out some good quality street food. Witnessing nature at its full bloom in the city along with some home grown fruits and vegetables is what the tourists will get to experience in Mahabaleshwar. Visitors are more likely to see hordes of strawberries, corn, mulberries, cherry tomatoes which are available in large quantity at the local stores.

Local Specialties of Mahabaleshwar

Locally grown food have their own unique qualities and this is easily known in the savories produced using them. Specialties of Mahabaleshwar include strawberries, carrots and mulberries. If you are visiting the place don’t forget to taste the corn grown locally and available both in the roasted and boiled form. You cannot miss the corn patties which are really famous amongst the locals. Also, try out the strawberry with cream which is served in almost all the restaurants.

Food in Mahabaleshwar

Strawberry with cream is one of the most popular drinks available at most restaurants in Mahabaleshwar. The drink is a delicious avalanche of mouthwatering strawberry shake topped with some super chilled strawberry ice cream. Plenty of chunks of strawberry fruits are dazzled on along with the splash of whipped cream crowned over it and garnished with some strawberry pieces. This will surely enlighten your taste buds and is quite eye catching.

Those residing near the Hanuman temple should go out and taste the vada pav which is referred to as the staple food of Maharashtra. A twist to its delicacy is added by the local vendors giving this dish a whole new taste. The different kinds of chikkis available in Mahabaleshwar are also one of its specialties. Chikki is a real delight for your sweet tooth and is also popular amongst the tourists as well as locals. Tourists visiting Mahabaleshwar should also try their hands on some small tomatoes that look similar to cherries.

Strawberry Den

One can find good Strawberry products at many places in Mahabaleshwar but Strawberry den is something, you won't find anywhere. Strawberry Den makes all kinds of strawberry mixes with total focus on the quality and right measures of ingredients. You ought to have the milk shake and strawberry cream at this place with the french fries which is equally good.
Address: 13, Dr. Sahane Road, M G Rd, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806
Phone: 094 23 034608
Hours: 10:00 am – 12:00 am

Corn Patties Hirkani Gardens

The next thing after strawberry which should not be missed in Mahabaleshwar are the corn dishes. You should give a try to the corn patties and corn roll. For a Indian touch you can also ask for a meal corn sabji and you'll get a proper thali served. You can also walk through their plantation and pick up your particular strawberries at the place.

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