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Travel and Tourism in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar Tourism

Mahabaleshwar is a majestic hill station lying in the lap of the Western Ghats situated at an average elevation of 1,353 meters. The town attracts a number of tourists who visit the place for its lovely views, beautiful landscapes, pleasant temperatures and delightful allure. It is a quiet holiday spot as well as a great spiritual center. Mahabaleshwar remains close in monsoon due to heavy rainfall experienced by the region. 

Old Mahabaleshwar was discovered first by King Singhan who built the famous Mahabaleshwar Temple in the region. Shivaji Maharaj occupied this area in the 17th century and built the iconic Pratapgad fort. Then, the town went in the hands of the British Empire during 1819 and soon was discovered by the name of Malcolm Peth after the name of Sir John Malcolm.

The Green Side of Mahabaleshwar

The forests in this hill station have numerous medicinal and ayurvedic plants. Visitors can find the bird bulbul in the forests along with the Foxes, Deer’s and Bison’s. Climate of Mahabaleshwar is so pure that the patients recovering from their health are advised to spend their time in the hill station which will help them recover better. The climate remains pleasant all year long with summers not too hot and winters not so cold.  The hills covering the town on each side prevent it from the scorching summer.  

Facts about Mahabaleshwar

Important Fact: An interesting fact about this town is that it served as a prison for the Chinese and Malay convicts for around three decades during the 19th century. These prisoners started cultivating strawberries in the region. Weaving bamboo baskets and growing red potatoes also owes to these prisoners.

Drinking Laws: Minimum age to start consumption of alcohol in Maharashtra is 25.

Tipping: 10-15 per cent billing amount is acceptable for the purpose of tipping. However, in case you are already paying service tax it is not mandatory to give tip.

Safety in Mahabaleshwar: Mahabaleshwar has a low crime rate and is thus considered relatively safe. However, crimes like pick pocketing; bag snatching are common in the region. It is always advisable to be cautious of your surroundings and avoid visiting to the isolated areas. 

Wi-Fi Internet:
You can find internet connectivity in Mahabaleshwar quite easily. Cyber cafes in the town can be accessed easily and internet connection is also provided by major carriers in the town.

General Information

Language Spoken:  Marathi, Hindi, English
Time Zones:  IST (UTC+5.5 hours)
Domestic International Calling:  02168
Electricity Standards:  220 – 240 Volts/ 60 Hertz; BS 546 5 A Plug

Tourist places in and around Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar hosts a number of tourist spots which are visited often by the people from nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune. The highest point of the town is the Wilson Point commonly known as Sunrise Point. Tourists can enjoy a spectacular view of the nearby horizon by visiting the second highest point namely Connaught Peak. There is the Arthur’s Seat which is another popular tourist spot named after Arthur Malet, the first person to make a home in the region.

Tourism in Mahabaleshwar

Visitors can also enjoy at the Echo Point which is a favorite picnic spot for kids, where they scream out loudly and listen to their echo which comes back to their ears after getting reflected from the hills. Some of the must visit spots in Mahabaleshwar include Carnac Point, Babington Point, Marjorie Point, Elphinstone Point, Falkland Point, Bombay Point and Castle Rock.

Best Time to Visit Mahabaleshwar

The pleasant climatic conditions and the lush green surroundings make this place an ideal holiday destination to be visited throughout the year. Monsoon is the only time when you might not want to visit Mahabaleshwar. However, the nature is most fascinating and at its peak during monsoon but the heavy rains in the town makes it virtually inhabitant. If we consider the climate of Mahabaleshwar the summers are pleasant and temperature at the region varies between a minimum of 18°C to a maximum of 29°C. This season is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing.

Monsoons in the region offers an average annual rainfall which falls in the month of June till September. As the town is located at a higher altitude, Mahabaleshwar experiences heavy rainfall. However, Mahabaleshwar looks beautiful in the rainy season but monsoon is not at all convenient for sightseeing. Winters on the other hand are cold and the temperature varies between minimum 5°C to maximum 24°C.

October to May is quite pleasant with moderate to cool climate and is an ideal season for sightseeing. June to September on the other hand is good for honeymooners and an ideal time for weekend's trip. As Mahabaleshwar is a summer resort, so people from nearby cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nashik frequent during their free time.

Travel Tips before leaving for Mahabaleshwar

  • Carry light woolens when traveling to Mahabaleshwar during winters and a stole if visiting during summers as the evenings might get chilly.
  • If you want to enjoy the sightseeing in peace then avoid visiting the town during the peak seasons.
  • Horse riding is a convenient way to explore Mahabaleshwar as the streets in the town are quite narrow.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the juicy strawberries. Also, enjoy the Strawberry shakes, jams and crushes.   Beware of fake travel agents and tourist touts.
  • If you are hiring a local guide, negotiate first.

Local Transport in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is well connected to the major cities in India with the frequently available services provided by the buses, taxis and auto rickshaws. You can discover the breathtaking views at the splendid locations in the town by rental cars and taxis which are the best mode of transportation especially at night. Taxis in Mahabaleshwar do not run on meter and their rates are fixed by the Taxi Drivers Association. These rates could vary from Rs 450 for local sightseeing to Rs 750 for going to Panchgani and coming back from there.

Travel to Mahabaleshwar

Horse riding is another popular mode of transport used by the citizens in Mahabaleshwar. This is one of the best transport modes as the roads in the town are quite narrow. Bridle paths have been constructed especially for horses and can be availed at a fare of Rs 50 to 100. Buses are a more comprehensive way to cover all the major points at Mahabaleshwar. The Government of Maharashtra manages buses that are divided into two different routes i.e. Mahabaleshwar Darshan and Pratapgad. MRTC bus will pick you up from the town at 9:15 am and will leave you back at your hotel by 2:15 pm in the evening. Tickets for Mahabaleshwar Darshan must be booked before the touring day and their fare varies from Rs 80 to Rs 85 per person.

Explore Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar attracts both the honeymooners and vacationers throughout the year. A maximum of four to five days will be enough to explore this picturesque hill station. During your visit to Mahabaleshwar, you should also plan a trip to Panchgani, Tapola and Pratapgad which are spread at a distance of around 20 to 30 kms from the town. Each view from the sightseeing points offers you a unique experience of the Western Ghats.

You should also visit Old Mahabaleshwar which is famous for the Swayambhu Lingam and Panchganga Temple. Shopping in Mahabaleshwar can be experienced best during evenings. Some famous bazaars of the town include Town bazaar, Imperial Store and Mapro Gardens. In Mahabaleshwar, you should also visit Malcolm Peth, do boating at Venna Lake or simply take a leisurely walk in Madhusagar.

Food in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar Tour

Mahabaleshwar is famous for its home grown fruits and vegetables which could be seen in abundance in the local stores. Strawberries, mulberries, cherry tomatoes and corn are some of the popular foods that are very common in Mahabaleshwar. If you are on a visit to the town, you cannot miss to taste the corn patties and strawberry with cream shakes, which are served in almost all the local restaurants. There is a food corner near Hanuman Temple where you must taste the vada pav which is the staple food of Maharashtra. Different varieties of chikki which are preferred by both the locals as well as tourists are also a specialty of the town.

Shopping in Mahabaleshwar

There are plenty of exclusive products available for the tourists in Mahabaleshwar. However the town is not really considered as a shopper’s paradise but the tourists can go for shopping at three different points namely Town bazaar, Imperial store and Mapro Gardens which are really popular amongst the locales.

Mahabaleshwar tourism

In town bazaar, you will see small shops and hawkers selling walking sticks, leather goods, handicrafts, tribal trinkets, shoes, Kolhapuri chappals etc. Some of the products which are trademark of Mahabaleshwar like fresh fruits, delicious jams, pure honey, marmalades, preserves, jellies made up of strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries and mulberries, and squashes; can be bought here.

Those who want to buy these products from the manufacturing place can visit the Mapro Gardens in Mahabaleshwar. This shopping point is situated on the route to Panchgani from town. Specialty of this place is that they let you taste the samples before you actually buy them. A wide variety of fruit salads, strawberry shakes and ice creams can also be tried at this place.

Town bazaar also has shops which sell clothes, leather goods, shawls, crochet dresses, baskets, handmade items and decorative items. Towards the end of the town bazaar is located the Imperial store where tourists can purchase from a wide range of food, beverages, medicines and alcohol.

Supermarket in Mahabaleshwar

NS Komti & Sons

Address: Main Market Road, Mahabaleshwar Ho,
Mahabaleshwar - 412806
Tel: + (91) - 2168 - 260237

Popular Tourist Points in Mahabaleshwar

  • Wilson Point
  • Kates Point
  • Bombay Point
  • Baghdad Point
  • Lodwick Point
  • Waterfalls
  • Chinaman Waterfall
  • Pratapgad
  • Carnac & Falkland Point
  • Panchganga Mandir
  • Helen Point
  • Shri Shankar Mandir
  • Dhobi Waterfalls
  • Panchgani
  • Connaught Peak Point
  • Wai
  • Venna Lake
  • Rajapuri Caves
  • Elephinstone Point
  • Adventure Sports
  • Parsi Point
  • Marjorie Point
  • Castle Rock
  • Table Land
  • Arthur Seat

Emergency Contact Numbers

Hospitals: 260247
Tourism Board Office: 2331217
Tourist Bureau Number: 260271
Accident Relief Center: 9860611110, 9226106100, 9403682962, 9420495233
Police Station: 260333, 260217
Police: 100

Tourism Department Maharashtra

C.D.O. Hutments,
Opposite LIC Building ( Yogakshema )
Madame Cama Road,
Mumbai – 400020

Contact Number Head Office

Telephone: + 91 22 2204 4040
Fax: + 91 22 2202 4521, + 91 22 2285 2182
Toll Free No: 1800 229 930
Email: contactmaharashtratourism@gmail.com
Website: www.maharashtratourism.gov.in

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